Romano’s Macaroni Grill is an Italian restaurant brand founded in 1988 by Phil Romano, one of the industry’s leading innovators. Inspired by the Italian country cuisine served in Romano’s grandmother’s kitchen, Macaroni Grill blends Italian traditions with progressive culinary inspiration from all regions of Italy and the U.S. An extensive wine list and the chain’s unique honor wine system finish out the experience in this polished casual atmosphere.




Salmon with Spinach Orzo

Macaroni Grill Copycat Recipe

Serves 4

4 bias cut salmon Fillets (2 lbs total
1 oz canola oil
1 oz soy sauce
8 oz Teriyaki glaze (recipe below)
16 oz garlic olive oil sauce
4 oz diced red bell peppers
24 oz orzo pasta, precooked
8 oz spinach, julienne cut

Teriyaki Glaze
2 cups soy sauce
3/4 cups Italian dressing
4 cups honey
3/4 cups lemon juice
2 tablespoons red pepper, crushed
1/8 cup cayenne pepper

Dip salmon in soy sauce then the oil. Place the salmon on hot grill silver side up. Grill salmon evenly until done, approximately 6-7 minutes or until the internal temperature reaches 145 degrees. Slowly ladle the teriyaki glaze over the salmon while still on the grill.

In a hot saute pan, add olive oil garlic mix, red bell peppers and orzo. At home, an ounce or two of chicken stock will help the orzo during this step. Saute for approximately one minute until orzo is almost dry, stirring to prevent sticking. Remove pan from heat and add spinach. Toss for approximately three seconds until spinach is incorporated but is not wilted. Place spinach and orzo on a plate, then add salmon and additional honey teriyaki glaze if needed.

Teriyaki Glaze:  Mix all ingredients together by hand whisk. Sauce will remain for 48 hours so it needs to be prepared fresh or the day before.

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